Saddam's Hut; Photo: AFP

The Washington Post has a detailed look inside Saddam's Tikrit hut. Gothamist has broken it down so you too can live like a dictator on the run, once you get a two room mud hut with rusty beds.

Clothing: Three pairs of white boxer shorts and two white sleeveless undershirts (XL and XXL) still in their plastic wrapping...(with "A row of bright blue hooks for hanging clothing; the middle one is shaped like a heart.")

Food: Walnuts, pistachios, brown eggs, cucumbers, carrots, apples, kiwis, flatbread, orange marmalade, canned meat, a jar of honey and Lipton tea; delicacies of pistachio baklava and candied figs.

Personal care: Palmolive Naturals soap, Dove moisturizing shampoo, a pot of SAJ moisturizing crème, and a stick of Lacoste deodorant "pour homme"; plus, two cans of Raid, a flyswatter, and antibiotics.

Books: Interpreting dreams book, books of Arabic poetry, Crime & Punishment

Also WP has a classic quote from one soldier about Saddam's hut: "I expected it to be neater at least." Ah, Saddam, messy, just like us.