Now that the NYPD has required processions of 50 or more "on foot, bicycle, or other 'devices moved by human power,'" per the Sun, people are getting ready for a rumble. At a rally yesterday, activists asked the City Council to stop this ridiculous rule from being enforced.

The City Bar Association's Peter T. Barbur wondered to amNew York, "Does this mean that if you are on a school trip and crossed the trip as a group, you would need a parade permit?" Man, we guess you start narcing on those slow second graders starting February 25. And tourist groups. What about throngs of people just walking in the same direction to, say, Penn Station? The penalty for not getting a permit is up to 10 days in jail and a $25 fine.

While this rule seems to be aimed at Critical Mass, even the Metropolitan Funeral Directors Association was denied when they asked the NYPD to exempt funeral processions (since you can't predict when someone's gonna die!). Learn more at how to fight the new rule at Assemble for Rights.

Photograph of the NYPD during the 2007 Idiotarod by ryan muir on Flickr; as Carts of Brooklyn noted in the post-Idiotarod wrap-up, "The NYPD out-did themselves this year. While it appeared they forgot to enter an actual cart, they had a massive team with hundreds of members. They used organization and technology. They had HELICOPTERS! That is pretty bad ass. The horses were pretty cool too. They also managed to arrive at the real starting line before C.O.B.R.A. even got there."