The NYPD is searching for two individuals who parachuted into Lower Manhattan from, well, the Heavens. There is currently very little information about the incident, which took place some time around 3 a.m. today, but NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly tells NBC New York that they landed "near the World Trade Center site... near the Goldman Sachs building on West Street." There is reportedly video of the landing, but the NYPD press office had no further details for us.

Mysterious! According to NBC New York's Shimon Prokupecz, the NYPD says they were wearing dark clothing and helmets. Are these the first guys to skydive off of the roof of 1 WTC, like Owen Quinn did before them in '75? Illegal immigrants from Bespin's floating Cloud City? Or a publicity stunt for Grand Theft Auto, which so desperately needs publicity? Stay tuned.