The public will no longer be able to visit the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting to parse through a weekly stack of film shoot permits. Instead, those interested in leafing through the pile of city paperwork (i.e. the paparazzi) will be forced to file for the data under the Freedom of Information Law.

Though many consider the FOIL process unnecessarily tedious and time-consuming, the city maintains it isn't changing the policy to make it more difficult for news agencies and paparazzi to determine the whereabouts of celebrities. Officials told the Daily News that they are making the change "because of staffing issues, office space constraints and complaints about copies being pocketed - not complaints from the stars."

A Mayoral spokesman promised that all requested documents will be sent to the public within a week — but photographers like Christopher Peterson of the Buzz Foto agency fear that movie shoots might be over by the time he receives the information from the city. "If you shut down Fifth Ave. so Angelina Jolie can [film a movie], you're not entitled to think you can just sort of cloak it and keep it from people."