Don't call it withholding, call it inspiring: former Mayor Mario Cuomo spoke to NY1 about his son Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's nomination for Governor, and went out of his way to lower expectations regarding the candidate's overwhelming popularity. “The biggest factor in politics is probably the biggest factor in life, and that is coincidence; you're in the right place at the right time. You didn't plan to be there, you didn't set it all up. And that's what happens in politics," he said.

Despite overwhelming leads in recent polls over Rep. nominee Rick Lazio, the elder Cuomo didn't want to jinx anything: “Nobody cruises, nobody cruises. Ed Koch was gonna cruise, and I was 38 points behind. Hugh Carey couldn't possibly win in ‘75 against Howard Samuels. Nobody cruises.” Sounds like someone hasn't signed theirloyalty pledge yet!

That said, it's likely Cuomo doesn't want anyone to take his son's victory as a given, and wants to make sure people get out and vote. Others politicians aren't being as careful as Cuomo with their pronouncements: former Gov. George Pataki gave his support to Lazio earlier this month, but couldn't help giving a caveat to Republican Governors Association head Haley Barbour. A Politico sources says that Pataki told Barbour he knows Lazio can't win, but that he'll be a "party uniter" as a candidate (prophetic words indeed).