The new, car-free Broadway blocks of Times Square are still being appraised by pedestrians, drivers, and pundits alike. But one thing they can all agree on: It's quite a sight. On, there's a 360-degree image taken from Duffy Square (on top of the new TKTS proscenium) by Jook Leungcheck it out here (the above image doesn't do it justice). Update: As eagle-eyed readers noticed, this panorama looks like it was taken before the car-ban went into effect but it was taken on Sunday (here's another shot from Sunday); from the TKTS steps, it looks like this on Memorial Day.

And's Hans Nyberg also links to a panorama of Strøget Copenhagen at Amergertorv Square, which opened in 1962 and is the "world's oldest and longest pedestrian street." Nyberg adds, "Today every city in Denmark small or large has a car free zone in the central areas."