Here's a classic New York tale for a bright, sunny Monday: A man gives a panhandler a dollar. The panhandler wants more money, so he stabs the man. The man, in turn, smashes the panhandler with a pipe. Both the man and the panhandler head to the same hospital, where the man is able to point the panhandler out to police. The panhandler is arrested.

This is how it went around 3 a.m. Sunday in Elmont, Long Island, after the victim reportedly gave a dollar to a homeless man, identified as 46-year-old James Howley. The suspect then allegedly slashed the victim with a knife, stopping only when the victim bludgeoned the suspect with a fortuitously located pipe laying nearby. Howley headed to the hospital, but not before allegedly heaving a brick through a nearby gas station window.

Meanwhile, the victim was taken to the same hospital, where he saw Howley, who was arrested on charges of first-degree assault, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal mischief and two counts of attempted robbery.