Pandas in Time Square; Photo:

The mystery is over! After seeing stereogum's post about the panda costumed person walking Times Square, and then seeing rion's stunning photographs of the panda people roaming the streets and interacting with passersby, all Gothamist could do was wonder if pandas would turn up on our street corner or if we'd see them running to the bodega for a 40, too. But then JW told us that the pandas were amongst us for a New York State Lottery commercial shoot. Apparently, the NYSL's new for New York State Lottery's new Panda-Money-um. Hmm. If one wins a panda and a lifetime supply of bamboo, we're in.

Gothamist thinks the NYSL's ad agency is DDB - does anyone over there with want to share why pandas, beside the obvious reason of their being so cool?