Pamela Geller is not a racist. Sure, there may be some who take the message of her group Stop! The Islamization Of America, to mean "Muslims rape babies," but by and large Geller believes that everyone who agrees with her should be treated equal. After submitting a subway ad to the MTA's media company over a week ago, Geller still hasn't heard back. "I will sue. It's a free speech issue," Geller tells the Daily News. Why block this one? She's run ads before, what's so terrible about this—oh.

On her blog, Geller writes:

Everyone is shocked (shocked, I tell ya) by the use of the word savage for savages. The targeting of civilians is savage. The relentless 60-year campaign of terror against the Jewish people is savage...But we are supposed to tiptoe around the savages, so as not to enflame the savages.

Yeah! Why is everyone shocked at the word "savage?" Or the phrase "war between the civilized man and the savage?" It's not as if that phrase has ever been used in history to suppress minorities or advance theories of white supremacy. Nope. The only thing "savage" about the ad is how it looks compared to the Pro-Palestinian one being run. Indeed, Geller needs to fire that "wild-looking and inhospitable; uncultivated" graphic designer.