All sorts of cats have been coming out of the woodwork to ring in the quadricentennial of the Hudson River. But up in the Palisades, things might be getting out of control if there's any validity behind multiple sightings of panthers along the Hudson town of Sneden's Landing. The Times reports on a town meeting that took place at the end of last week to address the reports coming in since March of the 100-plus pound cats that "have no history of ever existing in the wild in New York." Despite there being no photographic evidence or even confirmed footprints of a panther, the Rockland community is vowing to pay for "more comprehensive cameras and perhaps tracking expertise." Our own Joe Schumacher, who does his virtual stormtracking nearby the potential panther pad, told us that he is disappointed to say that he has not seen the Palisades Panther, but does report back sightings of "a large black feral housecat."