2005_12_palemale.jpgJust when we thought we were over our Pale Male fatigue, a new red-tailed hawk-related story comes out. Luckily, this one is about a lawsuit! Lincoln Karim, the Pale Male advocate who runs PaleMale.com, as close to an official Pale Male website as one will get, is suing
927 Fifth Avenue co-op owners Paula Zahn and her husband Richard Cohen for "maliciously, purposefully and intentionally" caused him to be "falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned", according to the Post. Last year, when it seemed like 927 Fifth was going to evict Pale Male and his feathery common-law wife, Lola, from a perch outside the building, many people protested, included Karim, and Karim was later arrested for allegedly harrassing Zahn and her son. Now, Karim's lawyer says that Cohen made up the story (but Karim is glad that Zahn dropped the initial charges) and is looking for $1 million in damages. That would buy a lot of Pale Male surveillance equipment.

Ah, Pale Male... it's hard to believe that was but a year ago. Speaking of birds, Gothamist loves the peregrine falcon cam at 55 Water Street. Those falcons are named "Jack and Diane," proving that people love to anthropomorphize everything.