There was hope this weekend that fancy co-op 927 Fifth Avenue and advocates of red-tailed hawks Pale Male, Lola, and their kin could come to a resolution. The apartment building had unceremoniously dumped Pale Male's 11 year old nest last week, stirring up that time old match-up: Man vs. nature. Richard Cohen, president of 927 Fifth's co-op board (and husband of Paula Zahn), spoke to the NY Times over the weekend, saying the eviction was "a last resort" because the situation (with the carcasses and the bincolar wielding bird watchers, we guess) had become "problematic." "It takes a week to 10 days to rebuild a nest. Trees fall in nature. They lose nests. They are resilient animals." Cohen, you saying stuff like this is why your 7 year-old son is being harassed with people yelling at him "Bring back the nest!"; Gothamist isn't saying it's right for protesters to bother a helpless little kid whose dad might be a dip, but when you destroy the home of protected animals... Gothamist imagines that 927 Fifth and advocates from the Parks Department and Audobon Society will continue to discuss various ways everyone can be happy.

Frederic Lilien, who made the first documentary about Pale Male and Lola, Pale Male the movie, was on the scene yesterday to shoot its sequel. And WhatISee took some photographs at the protest, including the one above (he says the costumed protesters are Red Tails in Love author Marie Winn and "Rebecca"). There are more photos of the protest and Pale Male at Ingrid Spangler's site. And see the latest at PaleMale.com.