Bird lovers, rejoice! Pale Male and Lola now have a new place to call home. Workers installed a fancy new home for the most famous hawks since...ever. Their new home is a stainless steel basket (better for all the blood of their food and subsequent poop) that weighs 300 pounds. Despite the new home, bird experts are unsure if Pale Male and his mate Lola will return to their perch above 5th Avenue. Pale Male was spotted in the area even as workers installed the basket.

The design by Dan Ionescu/Architects in conjunction with the Audubon Society is 8' x 3' with a curve that conforms to the cornice it is attached to. With pigeon spikes on the structure, Pale Male and Lola will be able to build a nest again and additional structure will prevent the carcasses of their prey from falling to the ground below.

While Gothamist hopes this will be the last we hear of the Pale Male saga, we're sure there will be at least one more piece of news in the future. Either a "Pale Male Returns Home" or "Pale Male Moves to New Digs" piece. Sigh, all we want for Christmas is for this story to be over.

Gothamist on Pale Male and his nest.

Nest image by Dan Ionescu/Architects