The Republican Party is starting to get a bit nervous about wild card gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, especially after his call for reporters to start asking opponent Andrew Cuomo about his extramarital affairs. Now, they want him to apologize for the statement, even though he kinda sorta already took it back. Though one source told the Daily News a public apology would be a good way to show voters that Paladino is capable of maturity and rationality, another put it a bit more clearly: "It would be nice if he could just keep his shit together for a week."

Cuomo called the allegations of an extramarital affair "hurtful," especially to his children, and said there was no truth behind the statements. Paladino then briefly recanted his statement, saying he simply wished reporters would spend as much time questioning Cuomo about his personal life as they did asking him about his affair and love child. However, in an interview on Friday, Paladino told Fox News his team would "say whatever we have in our box at the appropriate time, yes." Possibly during a long-awaited debate?