Last night, Carl Paladino got into an intense altercation with Post reporter Fred Dicker, which resulted in Paladino threatening Dicker, and campaign manager Michael Caputo promising to cut Dicker out of the loop. And thankfully, the whole mish-mosh was captured on video! Dicker appeared on Fox News this morning to defend himself and explain what happened and why Paladino got so mad.

The altercation hinged on quotes Paladino gave Politico late yesterday, in one of Paladino's patented "not politically correct" interviews. In the story, he implies that Cuomo had several affairs while with ex-wife Kerry Kennedy, without offering any proof: “Has anybody asked Andrew Cuomo about his paramours?...When he was married—or asked him why his wife left him or threw him out of the house? Has anybody ever done that? What are they doing intruding on my life?

Paladino was angry about reporters, and the Post in particular, prying into his former mistress Suzanne Brady, and the child they had together, Sarah. "It's all about the kids. If Carl's affair 10 years ago is fair game, then anything Cuomo did 10 years ago is fair game," said Caputo after the altercation. One Republican strategist was shocked at the directness of Paladino's personal attack: “No buffer, no aides, no filter, nothing. This never happens."

Paladino accused Dicker of masterminding the Post's coverage of his love child, and sending photographers after his daughter, but Dicker tells Fox that it was "a story I had nothing to do with that ran in our Sunday edition." He added that the story was about the mother, and no photos of the girl appeared. Politico adds that Cuomo's divorce was "extensively covered when it took place in 2003," and that Kennedy was widely reported to have left the marriage, and to have had an affair with socialite Bruce Colley. Cuomo's campaign responded to the allegations by saying that Cuomo would not “descend into the gutter.”