Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has had some notable missteps lately, but he was back to his signature Albany-sucks rhetoric when discussing how he'd shape up the state's finances. He told the NY Times he'd shut down the government if the state budget is late, "I’m not part of the friends-and-family club; I’m not part of the pay-to-play club; I’m not looking to get re-elected. I’m not looking to go to another office and fill my campaign coffers. I don’t need any friends in Albany except the people of the state."

This year, it took Albany four months to negotiate a budget, but if Paladino were in charge, "The state will shut down. And the state workers will go home. And they’re not going to get paid. You’ll have to deal with it, fellas [referring to the Legislature], because in the 60 days, you couldn’t come with a budget with me." And he thinks that in order to reduce budget problems, New York should just go on a spending diet, "The whole state of mind of Albany is, ‘My God, we can’t cut taxes, we can’t cut spending.' Why? Why do we have to keep spending so much money?"

Paladino added that he'd shut down inefficient, ineffective state agencies (like the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which is overseeing Ground Zero development), and doesn't get why superintendents are negotiating teachers contracts, "He has absolutely no expertise in negotiation. He’s got a political hack as an attorney sitting next to him who probably does real estate law and hasn’t got a clue about negotiations or labor, and here they go... And across the table is an expert union negotiator who negotiates contracts 365 days a year, with a battery of union lawyers who negotiate these things. And that’s why our contracts with our teachers are so far off the page."