It looks like that GOP pressure is getting to renegade gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, as he's kind of backtracking on his allegations that Cuomo had an extramarital affair. Kind of. Instead of apologizing in his new video (below), he briefly says that the campaign is "not about divorces or affairs" before talking about job creation. Does this count as getting his shit together?

He went on to justify himself on the O'Reilly Factor last night, explaining his anger over NY Post reporter "Amber" (possibly Amber Sutherland) hounding his 10-year-old daughter. "All I want to talk about is the issues. I've been talking about them from day one," he told O'Reilly. Issues like New York City traffic, not being racist and bestiality. He also doesn't really remember calling former Governor Pataki a "degenerate," so at least when he says crazy stuff we can take solace in knowing he probably doesn't know what he's talking about.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal (paywall) goes ahead and judges Paladino and opponent Andrew Cuomo on the only thing that matters: their fashion choices. Paladino relishes in not spending time on how he looks, saying, "Do I dress thinking I'm going to look like John Travolta? No." He wears suits that can bear the "fluctuations in his weight," and a former Giuliani spokeswoman called him "refreshingly frumpy." However, the look-of-the-people route may backfire, as "you need to look the part," says stylist Lisa Kline. Besides, it's a bit insulting if Paladino assumes every New Yorker will relate to his frumpiness.

Cuomo, on the other hand, has a sister married to Kenneth Cole and opts for "standard politico-wear" like dark suits and ties from Vineyard Vines. But, as Paterson's former communications director Risa Heller said, "When it comes to appealing to voters, I think they'd vote for a candidate in a toga or a burlap sack if they thought they would deliver jobs and economic relief to the people of this state." Toga debate!