Last week, notoriously straight-talking Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino told upstate supporters that while Queens and Staten Island are "just like us...That leaves Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn — and they can have them. First, you can’t get around down there, and secondly, there aren’t many Republicans." Now his campaign is trying to set the record straight!

According to NY1, "Paladino's campaign manager Michael Caputo said that the candidate was responding to a question about the logistics of traveling in New York City, and not what he thought of the three boroughs, which are home to 30 percent of New York State's population."

Paladino has also previously badmouthed Manhattan ("This ruling class of people, no matter what the party, are all from Manhattan. They're smug, they're elitist, they're wealthy, they have guilt for the wealth they have accumulated and they want the downtrodden, they want them taken care of, but not on their nickel") which probably works with his "mad as hell" persona. But there are Republican voters in NYC, which could come in handy for the primary: The Daily Politics offers these numbers, "Number of Republicans in Paladino’s home city of Buffalo: 14,734. Number of Republicans in Erie County, which includes Buffalo: 152,853. Number of Republicans in New York City: 449,124. That includes: 128,763 in Queens, 112,415 in Brooklyn, 92,336 in Manhattan, 74,179 in Staten Island and 41,431 in the Bronx."