Carl Paladino has hit the big stage in grand style since his defeat of Rick Lazio in Tuesday's Republican gubernatorial primary, giving interviews to anyone who'll have him, and saying anything he wants to. His loose lips led current Gov. Paterson and former Gov. Eliot Spitzer to call him "unfit" for office. But if a tree falls in the forest, and it's reported in the media, do you really think Paladino isn't going to have a vicious response ready?

In response to Spitzer, Paladino's attack dog campaign manager Michael Caputo said, "When we hear the advice of a whoremonger, we consider the source." As for Paterson, he was as ruthless, calling the attack by "the most corrupt and incompetent Governor in New York history" laughable: "David Paterson is addled and nearly all New Yorkers are counting down the days until he stops embarrassing this state."

Paladino's viciousness with his enemies, and even his friends, has unnerved some Republicans, who are hedging their bets and trying to avoid speaking out one way or the other. Harry Wilson, the GOP candidate for comptroller, said he won't support anyone in the Governor's race because he is terrified of Paladino's wrath has to focus on his own race. Republican attorney general nominee Dan Donovan avoided endorsing Paladino, while former Gov. George Pataki, who Paladino called a "degenerate idiot," sounds like an abused spouse, jumping back and forth between kind-of endorsing him and sort-of hating him.

But lest his violent threats and "baseball bat" rhetoric doesn't seem intimidating enough, Paladino also has threatened to tear the Republican party apart if Rick Lazio's name doesn't disappear from the conservative ballot. Who needs allies when you've got Carl!