Now that Carl Paladino's wife, Cathy, has told the media about having to "get over it" and welcome her husband's love child, Sarah, into their family, the gubernatorial candidate sat down with the Post's Andrea Peyser to tell his side of the scandal. He said his affair with employee Suzanne Brady ended the day the child was conceived, and when he learned she was pregnant he "told [Brady], 'That's wonderful.' I totally consented to my daughter being born."

Though Paladino's children "bonded" with Sarah, Cathy was the last to know who she was. "I knew it would hurt her," Paladino said. "I just couldn't hurt her." But after their son died in car crash, he decided to come clean. Now, Brady lives in a house Paladino inherited from his uncle (she bought it at market rate) and Paladino wears pink and yellow Silly Bandz because Sarah says they make him look cool. What a lovable fella! Almost makes you forget about the shady business deals, the bullying and the racism.

Meanwhile, Cathy Paladino headed over to the Wall Street Journal (paywall) to talk about how their relationship grew. It wasn't love at first sight; Cathy thought he was a "jerk" when she first met him, but three years later he wooed her into matrimony. She also said she chewed him out for some of his more offensive mishaps, including the emails containing racist jokes and bestiality that he forwarded. "I know that he didn't sit there and ponder and think, 'Who can I offend today?' That was not it at all. It was carelessness. It was very careless." Killing any ideas that he's just eye candy, she admits, "He looks like an unmade bed most of the time." We'd go with Emperor Palpatine, but hey, we're not married to the guy.