So, about that whole, “Has anybody asked Andrew Cuomo about his paramours?" personal attack that was one of the triggers for Wednesday evenings epic Paladino/Dicker confrontation...remember how Paladino snapped at Dicker when he asked if he had proof of his allegations? He responded, "Of course, I do. You'll get it at the appropriate time." Well, we've all completely misunderstood his intentions! And his words!

Now we know there will probably never be an appropriate time. Paladino gave an interview this morning where he insisted that he was never accusing Cuomo of extramarital affairs. It just sounded exactly like that! "I'm sick and tired of people asking me if I've had affairs. I was talking to [a reporter with] and said, 'Why don't you ask Andrew Cuomo if he has had extramarital affairs. It's not that I was accusing him," he told Buffalo News. As for that whole "appropriate time" business, it was Dicker's fault for being very "in your face," just like MTV in 1984.

The Daily News points out that as late as Thursday afternoon, Paladino wasn't just sticking to his guns with his insinuations about Cuomo—he was practically building a war chest of them: "Andrew Cuomo has to account for...his past. I will assure you this is just the beginning of what I will vet on Andrew Cuomo," he said in an interview with YNN's "Capital Tonight."

Paladino also cleared up another misunderstanding in the interview today: when he threatened to "take out" Dicker on camera, he really was referring to his campaign slogan, as in he's "taking out the governor, taking out [Assembly Speaker] Shelly Silver, and taking out the trash." He wasn't really planning on beating you up Dicker, jeez, relax a little. Between the near-fight, the see-sawing accusations and all of your previously documented rage issues, the Times is starting to get really concerned about you Carl.