Carl Paladino, the Buffalo developer-turned Tea Party favorite- turned- surprise Republican candidate for governor, was his usual self after voting in Buffalo this morning: He told reporters, "I'm going to win this thing today. People are going out and voting and speaking. People want change ... They want to tell their kids and their grandkids that there's a future in Western New York. They're going to vote, and we're going to win."

However, Paladino did admit he made mistakes with his campaign (like using the "wrong choice of words," possibly referring to this) and said this would be his "last" election campaign, calling it "very treacherous, very confusing in some respects." He emphasized, "Managing the government, that’s what I’m going to do very well. I’m not a great campaigner, I’m just me. I’m just human. I’m a builder from Buffalo, that’s all.”