While Andrew Cuomo called him a "welfare king" in a new attack ad, Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino released a new attack poster portraying Cuomo as PinocchiCuomo, in reference to Cuomo saying he had voted for Bloomberg when he hadn't. What, Paladino's campaign couldn't come up with a "pants on fire" graphic?

Paladino also gave an interview to Capital Tonight last night, where he called the Attorney General "a nasty person, and he wants to say nasty things." Paladino referred obliquely to a "whole box of ammunition" he was storing up to attack Cuomo with, before awkwardly criticizing his appearance at a press conference with Bloomberg the other day: "...he had that glazed over look like a deer in the headlights. So, I don’t want him to get himself sick over this stuff. Take it easy, Andy. Take a rest.”

And Paladino's got a new ally, kind-of: Newt Gingrich, who backhandedly gave his approval to the Tea Party candidate during a speech in Chicago yesterday. While praising Paladino, Gingrich said, "In a normal year, you wouldn’t even think of this guy as being a candidate. His number one battle cry is that he’s really angry and his number two battle cry is that he wants to take a sledgehammer to Albany—which is a fairly limited model of public policy.” But you know who is still on the fence? Mayor of 9/11 Town Rudy Giuliani, who sounds like he really just wants Paladino to take him out for a beer sometime.