After it was revealed yesterday that governor hopeful Carl Paladino had sent or forwarded a series of emails containing hardcore porn, racial slurs and videos of bestiality, he attempted to explain his actions to the press. However, he didn't seem too apologetic. YNN has a video of the conference, where he starts off saying, "I confess to being human and imperfect, as are all of God's children. I'm not a racist and I say that even in some of the e-mails they have hacked from my computer."

He went on to say, "I didn't originate any of these e-mails, OK? They were all re-sends. When I received an email that was political or off-color or politically incorrect or whatever, I sent it to a very specific bunch of friends who somewhat enjoy that humor," and his campaign manager labeled the scandal as a "liberal Democrat blog smear." The emails had such stereotypical email chain titles as "Blonde Misunderstanding" and "2 chicks turning up the heat-XXX." Paladino chalked them up to typical male humor: "I say to the men out there who have never opened a graphic image on the Internet - don't vote for me. To those who have, I welcome your vote."

However, he did offer one apology: "To any of the ladies I've offended, I apologize." And to any ladies who love XXX horse heat, Paladino will also accept your votes.