Earlier today, we mentioned probably the most bizarre happening in last night's gubernatorial debate: GOP candidate Carl Paladino's grand exit in the middle of the closing statements to find himself a bathroom. And like the professional crazy person he is, he showed no remorse over the gaffe. He said in a radio interview, “Eh, stuff happens in life. What are you going to do?" When asked how bad he had to go, Paladino replied "Oh, my God," so good to know he'd only disrespect his fellow candidates over a real emergency.

Paladino also said he believes he "illustrated that we’re not the Angry Carl" while spending today ranting about last night's debate. He complained that the debate had a "terrible format" that kept him from confronting opponent Andrew Cuomo head-on. He also lamented that the debate was downstate, barely 30 miles from the root of all evil, and called for a debate on his home turf. He told AP, "Last night I talked to a few of the other candidates and we agree: there needs to be more debates, and at least one upstate. I want to invite all candidates to my hometown of Buffalo—one of America's most suffering cities—to debate issues important to upstate residents." Why, is rent not too damn high up there?

Paladino did get a shot at Cuomo in there, saying, "Andrew thinks he does much better with the voters when he avoids debates, but New Yorkers are catching on to that strategy." Actually, letting Paladino suffer from chronic foot-in-mouth seems to be working just fine for Cuomo; in our latest highly scientific poll, he's in 2nd place just behind Jimmy McMillan.