Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is a true wild card; he's filthy rich, and one never knows what antic he'll pull next. Forwarding bestiality videos, calling Gov. Paterson a "drug addict," sending a duck to stalk Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, it's all just Carl being Carl. For his latest antic, Paladino is mailing out campaign brochures highlighting the corruption in Albany...all in vivid Smell-O-Vision.

The fliers, which juxtapose the slogan “the stink of corruption in Albany is overpowering” with a photo gallery of Democrats, most of whom have been associated with ethical or legal troubles, literally smells like rotting vegetables. According to the Times, who have smelled the mailers: "It isn’t awful at first. Garlic or onions? Or maybe cloves or really bad perfume? But after a few minutes, the smell gets worse and worse, and eventually, you realize that it smells like a landfill."

But it seems like Paladino's antics are working; according to a new Sienna College Poll, Paladino is practically neck-and-neck with the other Republican gubernatorial candidate, Rick Lazio. Last month, Lazio was comfortably ahead of him, 43-30 percent. The pollsters think the difference now will be who turns out to vote in Tuesday's primary: "Some political insiders have speculated that the wild card in this race may be the Tea Party voters and whether they turn out in a big way," said Sienna pollster Steve Greenberg.

Though he may not be doing himself any favors by alienating 3/5 of NYC, it looks as though Staten Island may be Paladino country; he now says he wants to significantly reduce or eliminate the $11 Verrazano-Narrows Bridge toll paid by Staten Island residents.