Carl Paladino, a Buffalo millionaire who's interested in running for governor, wants voters to know he's angling for the Republican Party nomination. And he knows how to photoshop. The businessman who elicited gasps when he compared health care reform to 9/11 exhibited his questionable taste once again, pasting possible opponent Steve Levy's head onto a Titanic poster. The Post reports the image—that also features GOP chairman Ed Cox, a Levy backer—was sent out through Paladino's campaign manager.

He pokes more fun in the small print:

"The New York Republicans and a dearth of leadership present an insiders deal production of an Ed Cox film: 'Titanic.' Produced by short sighted dealmakers with music by Sheldon Silver and the Upper East Side Manhattan Choir. Not near enough Republican Chairmen will back Levy to nominate him for Governor - and he'll be a Democrat through the entire campaign. Icebergs by the TEA PARTY. R-Restricted. You definitely don't want to vote for this."

Already the Suffolk County executive, a recent convert from the Democratic party, has been cast as Borat in a mock board game entitled "Steve Levy's Wild Moustache Ride to Albany." Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the presumed candidate in the Democratic camp, played the role of prince in a fairy tail-themed attack.