Carl Paladino has a serious problem with grown men jiggling and grinding against each other in bikini-type outfits. But only in public, see? Because he has no problem with them doing it inside the confines of a club. Because his son once ran such a club in Buffalo, and Carl had no problem collecting the rent from it. So there wouldn't be any controversy if gay people could just follow Carl's parameters on where and when to jiggle.

Paladino's son William co-owned gay nightclub "Cobalt," which was once dubbed the "gay club of the moment," in downtown Buffalo from May 2004 to July 2006. The club was run under the corporate name 2975 Group LLC, while the building it was housed in was owned by one of Paladino's many companies, the Huron Group LLC. According to a Buffalo News March 2005 review, "The queens, the techno, the cocktails, the kind of gyration normally confined to Manhattan was in full flaming force at Cobalt." See: those hip-swaggering gyrations couldn't stop him from collecting his completely hypocritical payday. (It's worth noting that after the bar switched themes to become a straight club, a man was stabbed in the back, and the club subsequently lost its liquor license. Straights ruin everything.)

In addition, Paladino rented space in one of his other Buffalo buildings to gay bar "Buddies II" in 2006. Paladino also bought space in the local gay monthly newspaper to advertise for apartments to rent. But that's because the money wasn't jiggling in a provocative manner.

But let's get one thing abundantly clear: Carl has (practically) no problem with lesbians. Indeed, he has allegedly been spotted in lesbian bars in Buffalo. You can see comedian Kristen Becker spin a charming yarn about running into Carl at such an establishment below (language NSFW).