After his remarks about homosexuality not being an "equally valid or successful option" (in the context of family values)—and then subsequent explanations that he doesn't discriminate against gays, he just hates same-sex marriage, and by the way, his nephew is gay—Paladino had to bring up one of his biggest peeves with the gay community. The darn gay pride parades! On the Today Show, he said of his rival, Andrew Cuomo, taking his daughters to this year's Gay Pride Parade in NYC, "I don't think it's proper for them to go there and watch a couple of grown men grind against each other. I don't think that's proper, I think it's disgusting."

And on Good Morning, America, Paladino also said, "Now, Andrew Cuomo said he took his children to a gay pride parade. I was at one in Toronto one time, we stumbled on it, my wife and I. It wasn’t pretty. It was a bunch of very extreme type people in bikini-type outfits grabbing at each other and doing these gyrations and I certainly wouldn’t let my young children see that.”

Paladino was also defending his remarks, saying on Good Day, New York, "I don’t believe that gays should be discussed in the schools. I think that morality is a situation that should be discussed in the home. I believe that homosexuals are severely discriminated against. I think it is a horrible situation. I don’t disavow that comment. The comment was made about teaching children about homosexuality at a young age. I don’t think it should be done in the schools. Except for gay marriage, I’m fine with it. I have a nephew, I have employees who are gay. I’m sensitive to the discrimination about that." So, can we expect a video from a gay employee soon, because Paladino released a video of one of his black friends to refute charges of racism.