Carl Paladino said some incendiary things about homosexuality last weekend that Dame Rudy Giuliani found highly offensive. He ended up apologizing for most of what he said, but there was one thing that he still couldn't quite let go: those colorful, thong-filled gay pride parades. They irk him so! But one of the conniving Republican strategists who have been one of his major silent backers couldn't disagree with him more: Roger Stone. He told The Advocate, “It is clear that my advice is having no impact. I just can’t imagine why he would go out and do this. I strongly disagree with it. It’s inconsistent with any of the advice I have given his campaign.”

Stone, who is helping run Kristen Davis' campaign (Davis' platform includes legalizing gay marriage), emailed Politco a long list of pro-same-sex marriage bona fides, and said, "I'm a libertarian Republican. I support Marriage Equality." Yes, it's true: it's 2010, and Roger Stone is a social progressive, just like his hero and back tattoo, Richard Nixon.