Buffalo real estate developer Carl Paladino, the Tea Party favorite, will be challenging Rick Lazio in the Republican gubernatorial primary this fall, and a new Quinnipiac suggests that his appeal is growing. Well: Lazio will leads 39% to Paladino's 23% (with 33% undecided), but that's up from a June 22 poll that had Lazio leading 46% to Paladino's 17%. So maybe that's why Lazio changed his campaign manager today?

Politico's Maggie Haberman reported last night that Lazio's campaign manager—and good friend—Kevin Fullington was being replaced by a NY State GOP official, "It's a gut-check moment Rick Lazio -his primary rival Carl Paladino has gained traction and has a lot of cash to blow through, and has been gaining ground in the media narratives." (Fullington is remaining on the campaign in an "executive committee" role.)

For all of Paladino's gained ground in the media narratives—hey, who doesn't love a millionaire who forwards racist emails, has a love child, and loves to compare Obamacare to 9/11 and proclaim that he'd use eminent domain to block the "Ground Zero" mosque?—he says, "If we don't win the Republican primary, we're going to be gone at that point, because we're not going to be a spoiler to someone running against Andrew Cuomo and taking him down... Andrew Cuomo is the poster child for everything that the people don't want in government anymore."