Oh sure, it's pretty obvious that Carl Paladino can talk the talk, violent threats, wit and wisdom all included. But did you know that he has mad Photoshop skills?

Continuing in his quest to be noticed by ruffle Andrew Cuomo's calm exterior, Paladino sent out a new flyer to reporters yesterday showing Cuomo in the shower, with special interests and labor parties clinging to him like grime. Also, the Democrat has a gold necklace...because he's Italian-American...but it's not a stereotype, he swears! “That would mean something if it was coming from anyone else but an Italian. Carl has his own gold chain he wears very proudly. And so do I,” Paladino spokesman Michael Caputo told Capital Confidential.

Paladino just really wants to debate Cuomo, and he isn't happy that Cuomo hasn't called him back about it yet. Doesn't Paladino know you have to wait at least two days before calling back? But while Cuomo hasn't responded yet, Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long, who backed Rick Lazio in the GOP primary, did, calling Paladino unelectable and "more of a caricature, not a candidate."