Yesterday was a "day of definition" for Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino by his own account. It was a day that he felt bolstered his persona as a politically incorrect Albany outsider who refuses to back down, despite whatever contradictions become apparent in his behavior. So, what better time for a fundraiser!

Paladino sent out a letter to his supporters calling for a "money bomb" next Tuesday. "Money bombs" are a short, intensive fundraising effort for a candidate or cause designed to show the intensity of support. Paladino says he wants to raise $105,000 by midnight on October 5. "Like you, I am mad as hell at a dysfunctional government and a ruling class of insiders in Albany who don't work in the interest of the people...It is time for Albany to hear the thunder of a revolution coming down the road," he wrote supporters. Hey, Albany is just a town full of losers, anyway, and the Tea Party is pulling out of there to win.

Oh, and just because Paladino backed away from his unsubstantiated allegations that Cuomo was unfaithful to his ex-wife, doesn't mean he would give his Cuomo-attacks a rest for a day or two. During an interview on WOR-AM's John Gambling program, he continued to allege that the NY Post is in cahoots with Cuomo: “A man coming out and having his birddogs come and chase me and say I'm unfit for office? Who's unfit for office? Andrew Cuomo is unfit for office.” Paladino is starting to sound like an allegations junkie. Maybe he just hasn't had a pleasant italian dinner in a while.