Having received no response about a debate after sending out flyers of Andrew Cuomo naked in the shower, Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino decided to write Cuomo a letter asking him to "be a man" and debate. Paladino writes, “It’s difficult to understand why you, a polished veteran campaigner, scion of a political dynasty and king-designate, would fear a simple businessman from Buffalo, who candidly has never been in a debate in his life—except maybe in a bar." Was that a threat?

State Democratic party leader Jay Jacobs fired back at Paladino, saying Cuomo is open to a debate and chalked the letter up to Paladino "melting down again." He also asked whether Paladino was a "racist, misogynist as his e-mails suggest he is or is he just a high school boy in the body of a 64-year-old man?" Whoa there, enjoying sending e-mails filled with racial slurs and comparing Orthodox Jew Sheldon Silver to Hitler does not make him a racist. Just ask his friend, Buffalo Bills running back Thurman Thomas, a real life black man!

But enough of the name calling—what is Paladino planning to do for the state? Well currently, he is fighting to hold onto a $1.47 million tax break given to his company J-P Group LLC, even though it was revoked after the company "failed to provide the economic returns to the state." Though the company promised to upgrade 16 properties in downtown Buffalo with the money, they created just one job and wound up with a net loss of $300,000. But besides this, government spending is totally evil.