The Buffalo News' feature on gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino starts off with the Tea Party-supported Buffalo developer telling 50 supporters in Steuben County that Queens and Staten Island are "just like us...That leaves Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn — and they can have them. First, you can’t get around down there, and secondly, there aren’t many Republicans." Burn?

Paladino, who has promised to spend $10 million of his own money, loves forwarding bestiality videos and suggested putting poor people in prison (sorta), also blames NYC Democrats on taxes imposed on businesses upstate, "What are we doing selling power out of state? Why not offer it to communities in Western New York if they do that? Utility costs are higher in upstate New York than anywhere... Then you’ve got Bloomberg down there saying, ‘Give us your poor of America.' Easy for him to say. He’s a billionaire." Sounds like he read this Onion article, too!

Well! That made Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer annoyed and he issued a statement, saying, "Carl Paladino’s at it again, and this time he’s attacking New York City. The latest targets of Paladino’s unhinged rage are Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx, home to over five million New York state residents. These divisive 'them vs. us' remarks are just the latest in Carl Paladino’s destructive campaign to rant and rave his way through the Republican primary. Mr. Paladino, we invite you to take a trip to the borough I represent, and all of New York City where 130 languages are spoken, and look in the face of the diversity you so thoughtlessly malign."

Then the Daily Politics got a statement from Paladino's spokesman Michael Caputo, "Scott Stringer is a shill for Andrew Cuomo, stepping up to do his dirty work. Carl Paladino has no quarrel with the good people of New York City, just with rotten ruling class emperors like Stringer. New Yorkers deserve far better leadership who will look out for the people instead of themselves."