After a week of doing everything wrong, it's nice to see Kooky Carl Paladino getting back to his core values, and the bread and butter of his campaign: hard-hittingly hilarious photoshopped posters. His latest one depicts gubernatorial opponent Andrew Cuomo with some of NY's more troubled Democratic politicians. Among them is Andrew Farkas, the real estate mogul who currently serves as finance chairman in Cuomo’s campaign for governor, but who used to be one of Cuomo's enemies.

In 1997, while serving as the nation's housing secretary, Cuomo was pursuing a case in which Farkas’s financial company had paid millions of dollars in kickbacks to a landlord. They settled the case however, and became friends a few years later; Cuomo even worked for one of Farkas's companies, and was paid more than $2.5 million in salary. Paladino has routinely criticized Cuomo for his relationship with Farkas, who has helped Cuomo raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for his campaign: "Here’s a man who stole millions of dollars, and Andrew gives him a pass,” Paladino said on a radio show last week. The Times has the whole complicated tale of their relationship here.