Gubernatorial candidates Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino may differ on marijuana, gay pride parades and campaigning techniques, but there is one thing they have in common: not having women in their inner circles. Neither major party candidate uses women as key policy advisers, instead putting them in ceremonial organizational positions, and using their wives, mothers and daughters as tools for their campaigns,according to the Times.

The one female candidate in the race, Kristen Davis, made it clear in an interview with NY Magazine that she thinks Cuomo will win the election, but she wants him "to walk the walk on gay marriage." She released a new campaign video today (you can see it below) where she criticizes Cuomo for dillydallying on the issue, and inverts the catchphrase used against former Mayor Ed Koch by supporters of Mario Cuomo in 1977: "Vote Homo, Not Cuomo."

Other interesting tidbits from the NY Mag interview with four of the third-party candidates: Jimmy McMillan respects Paladino for his war service ("At the debate I was going to eat him up, but when he told me that we were brothers, I would never talk about my brother [veteran]."), Warren Redlich thinks David Paterson is "inconsequential" as a Governor, and Howie Hawkins thinks Paladino is "mean-spirited and talked himself out of the race by insulting another group of New Yorkers every time he opened his mouth."