As the Morris County prosecutor's homicide division investigates the fatal shooting of a woman on a suburban NJ street, police believe that 27-year-old Pakistani immigrant Nazish Noorani was the intended target. Noorani was shot in the heart while walking a few blocks in Boonton with her husband, Kashif Parvaiz, 26 and three-year-old son. Parvaiz was shot in the ankle and shoulder, while the child was unharmed (but "splattered in blood"). Relatives of the couple say that investigators have been asking about a Brooklyn man who owns a towing business and now there's speculation that there was a love triangle-aspect to the violence.

Parvaiz apparently told relatives he was attending Harvard for graduate school (Harvard has been unable to confirm a student with Parvaiz's name at this point) and the family had recently rented an apartment in East Boston. According to the Star-Ledger, "Two neighbors at the Waldemar Street building described the couple as friendly but the marriage as strained. Noorani was not always around, they said. Raul Santamaria, 55, who has lived in the building for four years, said he last saw Parvaiz two or three weeks ago, with a woman who was not his wife. 'He was divorced, or getting divorced,' Santamaria said." Others neighbors said that Noorani wasn't around as much and that they overheard their arguments.

The couple, who had lived in Brooklyn briefly (Parvaiz, a Brooklyn native, had run a contracting business there), had finished breaking the Ramadan fast and was walking from Noorani's sister's house to her father's house in Boonton, NJ to pick up their five-year-old son. Parvaiz's friend said, "Apparently someone was waiting for them. It wasn’t a robbery, from what it seems like. they didn’t ask them for money. They just hopped out and shot at them. They were looking to kill them." Parvaiz was hit by four bullets, while a lone bullet killed Noorani.

Parvaiz was reportedly robbed in Boston six month ago; the NJ authorities are looking to see if the shooting and robbery are connected.