Do you vaguely remember the guy who was shot in the butt on a subway platform in Astoria last year? Well that story, which we had nearly forgotten, just got more intriguing.

The victim, David Cary Hart, was then the new president of Drake Business Schools when the subway incident occured. In his three-month tenure he had been nosing around trying to figure out the sloppy record-keeping and financial mess of the schools three campuses. His inquiries had not been completed. After the shooting the schools financial troubles only escalated and the institution quickly shut down. Further, Drake's former comptroller was arrested for stealing $41,000 (there was no arrest for the shooting). And for a while that was all she wrote. But then yesterday the Queen's DA announced that they had arrested Angela Sugrim, a former Drake supervisor, and her boyfriend Rafiek Yussef (er, the lawyers say her boyfriend while the DA says her husband) on charges of embezzling more than $800,000. As DA Richard Brown described it: "School management were caught completely unaware that as fast as money came in the front door, it was going out the back door."

Sugrim and Yussef are being held without bail.