Several people sustained welts and bruises from paintball attacks on Staten Island over the weekend, and cops are investigating at least one as a potential hate crime.

In one instance, a 67-year-old Orthodox Jewish man was hit by a yellow paintball on Friday, fired from a gray GMC Envoy on Westwood Avenue near Warwick Avenue, the Daily News reports.

Police are looking into whether this attack has potential links to a similar one in Williamsburg on June 29, in which a 62-year-old Orthodox Jewish man was struck on the shoulder at Lee Avenue and Rutledge Street.

Friday's incident appears to be separate from two others that occurred on Saturday, in which a man on a bicycle was hit in Oakwood around 10 p.m. and woman walking a dog was struck in Westerleigh around 30 minutes later, CBS New York reports. Witnesses say the shots were fired from an SUV that appeared to contain "three or four young people."

Neighbors are not pleased by the violent antics taking place in their neighborhood.

“I’d like to slap those kids, yes,” one woman told the station. “If they were my kids, they wouldn’t be doing that. It’s horrible. I mean, who raised these kids?”

The victims did not suffer from serious injuries, but they sure don't look pleasant, either: