As part of the Million Trees program the city is training young adults to care for its tall leafy greens. First step? Learn how to climb one. Using ropes and harnesses the twenty-somethings—many of whom have had trouble getting jobs and come from underprivileged families—do practice drills like dodging branches to ring bells hidden around the tops of trees, reports the Times. They're trained by the very best: “Spider-Man!” and “Beast!” shouted students as their instructor—tree-climbing champ Mark Chisholm— scaled an 80-foot sycamore (video here). And they get paid $11/hour for this?! The program is in its second year; previously, about half the students (this year's group is 33 people) got jobs at places like the Botanical Gardens, Wave Hill , the Prospect Park Alliance and the Central Park Conservancy. Sounds pretty nice, hopefully it won't end in a lawsuit.