2006_06_richjohnson.jpgYes, Daily News, it must be your birthday. After charges of alleged extortion and over shilling certain establishments, Page Six is certainly on a roll: Richard Johnson, the editor of the influential gossip page, was arrested for driving while intoxicated. He was pulled over during yesterday's wee hours in the Meatpacking District and according to the criminal complaint, which can you read at The Smoking Gun, Johnson "had watery and bloodshot eyes, had slurred speech and had the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath." And he refused to take a blood alcohol test! TMZ reported that Johnson's lawyer said he had a few beers after playing basketball and emphasized that no one got hurt, but the Daily News got a statement from the same lawyer saying Johnson had beer while at Soho House (and mentioned no one was hurt). Hmm, having beers after playing basketball sounds much more salt of the Earth than drinking at the Soho House, but driving while intoxicated is against the law. And who knew he drove a Ford Escape?

He'll have to enter a plea in court on July 31. And remember when we'd only hear about Richard Johnson when it came to judging swimsuits on Project Runway?