Last week, venture capitalist Adam Dell filed a lawsuit against Padma Lakshmi over custody of their almost-one-year-old daughter. His lawsuit paints a nasty picture of Lakshmi, with the Top Chef star allegedly telling Dell that she found him to be "unambitious" and that she was also sleeping with billionaire Teddy Forstmann (and hoped Forstmann was the baby's father). Today, the Post digs up what might just be called Godwin's Law of Paternity.

According to a Post source, Lakshmi was overheard telling a friend, "I don't care if Hitler himself had impregnated me. It's a miracle I got pregnant and that Krishna's here." Lakshmi has been outspoken about her struggle with endometriosis, which can cause infertility (she also had a number of surgeries, and the miracle of being able to have a child.

Dell also claims that Lakshmi only allows him 9 days of visitation a month, at 3 ½ hours each time, and his lawyer tells the Post, "For Padma, Adam is an inconvenient truth." Lakshmi is apparently "devastated" by the lawsuit.