A 15-year-old boy was beaten and stabbed by a large group of teens in Brooklyn yesterday. According to police, the incident occurred around 6:30 p.m. yesterday at a playground on Madison Street, in Bushwick, behind PS 299. The victim and some friends were shooting hoops when a group of 10-20 teens came in with sticks and bottles. "They grabbed him and they pulled him down. They started kicking him and beating him with sticks,” one witness told the News, adding that she was terrified by the ordeal.

"I was scared. I ran back inside into the house. I couldn't believe it, it was crazy,” she said, adding that the attackers shouted about a gang affiliation. According to CBS, the group chased the boy, and the victim tried to escape over an eight-foot-high fence. The victim was stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife, and he also had a laceration to his head. He was taken to Kings County Hospital for treatment, where he is in stable condition. No arrests have been made, and an investigation is ongoing.