It's not easy being a Mets fan. The club doesn't win very often, and even when they do put some wins together, there always seems to be bad news following them. So it should come as little surprise to fans of the team that a pack of dogs is now hunting them down.

According to The New York Post, several stray dogs have been roaming the streets next to Citi Field and "menacing" Mets fans. It sounds daunting, but is this really true, or just more bad news finding its way to the ball clubs followers? Well, the evidence of this phenomenon is a report from one person, who said a dog ran into her legs. The horror!

Elaine Feerick described the incident. "They came at me like a locomotive," Feerick explained. She said that the dog was a pit bull (because how could it possibly not be?) and that it "looked like a wolf." Hold on to your seat Mets fans, because this story just got started. "My friend, who's terrified of dogs, ran for her life faster than I've ever seen her run before," Feerick continued. "I stood there and the pit bull rammed into me like a battering ram — amazingly, I did not go down." Amazing indeed! Why, it's almost as if the dog — perhaps! — barely bumped her and nothing more.

Thankfully a security guard told the Post that the dogs have been around for years and never cause a scene. Apparently they sometimes end up near the crowds when they roam a little too far from the auto-body repair shops nearby. Now Mets fans, with this in mind, what do you do? Stay home to avoid the dogs and miss the fun of the ballpark, or go to Citi Field and risk spending a lot of money to watch the Mets lose in person and get stalked by crazy canines? As always for Mets fans, the answer is never a good one. And even news about non-stray dogs at Citi Field is sad.