Just one more travel-induced headache: luggage-related larcenies are up almost 30 percent at JFK airport, so maybe think twice before checking that bag. And don't expect to get it back once it's gone—only 28 of the 299 complaints filed this year have lead to arrests.

The number includes "thefts from baggage carousels, swiped property left unattended, and thefts by baggage handlers and TSA employees," and the most frequently stolen items are, unsurprisingly, laptops and iPads. One source told the Post that airport officials pressure cops to "downgrade" the crimes from grand larceny to petit larceny, since grand larcenies get reported to the FBI. "They want us to take into account depreciation. It's not enough for us to be cops, they want us to be accountants, too," he said.

Not helping the airport's image: its long history of employees stealing from passengers themselves, which doesn't do much to restore faith in the system. At least New York travelers have other airports to choose from...or not.