Pace University's library had a wee bedbug problem, but now that's all behind them, a spokesperson assures us this morning. We reported yesterday that the university's Henry Birnbaum Library was abruptly shut down in the afternoon, and one student said a librarian conspiratorially leaned in to say: " 'Don't tell anyone this,' and then whispered 'bed bugs.' " The school says everything's under control now, but some students are on edge because the freshman dorms are located in the same building as the library.

"The bedbugs were out of the Pace downtown library as of about midnight, as far as we know," spokesman Christopher T. Cory tells us. "And to be sure we’re checking again tonight with the exterminator’s canine unit. We are aggressive about this." William McGrath, Pace's Sr. Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, issued this statement:

Late Monday morning staff members of the Birnbaum library on the downtown campus rearranging computers reported unidentified bugs in a back room. A senior member of the University’s buildings and grounds department and a consultant from an exterminator confirmed the bugs were bedbugs. The library was closed and exterminators were called in. The entire library was inspected and only one small area was found to have bugs. That area and the surrounding area have been treated.

Bedbugs are a continuing annoyance throughout the city and Pace has an aggressive program for dealing with them. A late August, university-wide inspection by an exterminator’s canine unit found no trace of them in the library at that time. We make regular inspections throughout campus and address all issues immediately. The area infected by the bugs was very limited and it is unlikely that they have spread.

Those cynical undergrads, of course, are hardly placated by the administration's spin doctors. One Pace student tells us, "I don't trust that press release in the slightest. The cafeteria is directly across the hall from [the library] and is also a big (and cushioned) hangout spot. I'm sure they are lurking around somewhere else. Luckily I am at a low risk of having them since my hangout spot is the smokers' courtyard hahaha."