Sure, construction workers like to drink—who doesn't?—but the Port Authority has gotten sick of it. After reports of World Trade Center workers taking advantage of happy hours during work hours made news (once again) the Post is reporting that the PA is cracking down on the liquid lunch practice—and is putting its money where its mouth is. Which, considering recent accidents, seems reasonable.

"Look, vodka and steel beams and a construction site don’t mix," PA chief Pat Foye told the tabloid. "We are not going to tolerate it. This has been a longtime problem in the construction industry. But this is the most complicated construction project anywhere." And so the PA is deploying undercover agents to bars around the site to keep up the pressure. Apparently more than 20 construction workers have permanently been taken off the site for drinking and working.

The PA isn't saying just how much more money it is spending to keep the drinking down, just that it is spending more. But is it enough? Depends on who you ask. At least one worker doesn't think so: "I hate to tell you, but those bars are all packed," a 48-year-old worker recently caught drinking a beer with his burger says.