On Easter Sunday some "galactically stupid" planning on the part of the Port Authority led to day-long traffic jams on the Outerbridge Crossing and Goethals toll plazas where some drivers were sitting in their cars for seven hours. So, with this Sunday being another huge driving holiday—Mother's Day, you ungrateful wretch—will the Port Authority repeat the mistake? They say are going to do their best not to, but some Staten Islanders aren't buying it.

As part of their plan to prevent another disaster, the PA is planning to allow cash-paying cars to use EZ-Pass lanes (which will bill them later) in "extreme" cases. Except, as CUNY Social Policy Simulation Center professor Jonathon Peters pointed out at a town hall meeting on the topic yesterday, that is a bit vague. "What is extreme? Port Authority should always minimize the traffic flow," the professor, who apparently brought statistical models of the bridge, said. "Anything that would increase the pollution output should be unacceptable."

"What happened on Easter will never happen again, and we're taking the necessary steps to make sure of that," Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward said yesterday. "The Port Authority made a mistake; it was an unacceptable level of service."

According to the PA the Outerbridge and the Goethals each employ 41 toll collectors, but because of mismanagement and short-staffing the Outerbrdige only had 28 collectors on Easter (which is weird since many reports of the traffic said there was only one toll collector). The PA promises to have more on duty on Sunday, but that will be tricky as there are currently some vacancies in the toll collectors ranks. So if you are planning to visit the family in Jersey on Sunday, maybe you might want to consider taking the Bayonne Bridge?

Also, if you are looking for a job, the Port Authority is currently hiring fulltime and parttime toll collectors. Just, uh, don't try and be slick and pocket some of the change. They will catch you.