In the biggest youth election news since Rock the Vote, P. Diddy is getting into the voter-enfranchisement business by starting a non-profit to get young people to vote. Called Citizen Change, Diddy wants to emphasize that voting is important. At first blush, it seems like a really great idea: Focus on issues like education, health care and jobs and target black and Latino communities that might not be as active otherwise. Who knows how well it will work, but Gothamist applauds Diddy for having a go at raising voter turn-out. And for not checking his ego in at the door: "There are only a few people in America who have the energy and enthusiasm to get young people to step up to the plate and get excited and passionate about this election, and I am one of them." P. Diddy does get people interested, but why? What is the magic of the Diddy? Are you buying his music? Wearing his clothes? Gothamist thinks we just like saying (and typing) "Diddy." Anyway, he announced Citizen Change at his White Party; check out this picture of Al Sharpton in shiny white togs. Gothamist will sit back and await a rap song, using a sample of, oh, we don't know, Born in the U.S.A. or maybe a Bob Dyland song, to be released, with an even better video directed by Chris Robinson.

The logo is very reminiscent of the black power moment during the 1968 Summer Olympics, which then reminds Gothamist of Conspiracy Brother in Undercover Brother.